Seventh-day Adventists were in the news last week - and it was good.  Did you see the excellent prime time media coverage about Seventh-day Adventists, the Adventist Health Study and Loma Linda?

You can check the websites below to see the features.  And please know that you are needed in the study.  If you have not returned your survey can you do it soon?
1. The National Geographic magazine (November) features Adventists in the cover story "The Secrets of Living Longer"?  Copies are now on the newstands. 22 million copies are printed world wide. 
2. View the online National Geographic version at:  Check the different links on this page: Sights & Sounds, Learn More, Forum and On Assignment (It's good news).
3. ABC World News Tonight (10/23/05) and Good Morning America (10/25/05) both had good features.  Click on the link to view some of the story and pictures. 
4Best of all - be in the study yourself.  Many members after seeing the stories said, "That's my church that's my study!"  The National Geographic and media stories were only possible because we had 34,198 members, with a wide variety of diets, in the 1976 study. Many more discoveries are likely in the current study and thus greater opportunities to impact the world
But we need at least another 20,000 members to join and complete surveys.  The more we have the greater the power of our results. And it's critical that all members are encouraged to join, no matter what their diet, lifestyle or health status.  No one will spoil the study
Can we count on you?  It's not too late. If you have lost or discarded your questionnaire, ask for another one. You can reply to this email at (please include name, address, phone # and churchor go to the website or call 1-877-700-7077 or get a form from church or write to us .
5. Adventist News Network shared the story around the world and we have received media follow up contacts. 
Share these features and links with your church members and friends. Do you have Adventist relatives and friends you can personally invite and sign-up?  
Thank you and Blessings
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